About the e-learning courses

Self-paced asynchronous e-learning is used as the mode of delivery for the courses. This provides an interactive learning experience that actively engages learners through dynamic screens, interactive tests, exercises with reinforcement feedback and illustrative case studies.

Asynchronous e-learning offers users the option of taking a course or a specific lesson whenever needed. It is often referred to as "just in time" learning. In addition to the e-learning materials, each course provides links to online resources, recommended reading, self-study tutorials, checklists and job aids.


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"Social Media for Development"

Learn how to use social media tools to share, connect and collaborate with other people in your workplace context.

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International Award

The IMARK e-learning courses are compliant with the ECBCheck quality criteria scheme for the design, development, delivery and evaluation.  

IMARK has been awarded an international quality certificate in recognition of the quality of the e-learning courses by the OpenECBCheck professional community.


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