The Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) is a partnership-based e-learning initiative that aims to enable development practitioners to acquire skills, competences, behaviors and attitudes in knowledge sharing and information management. The main objective of IMARK is to develop the capacities of individuals and support institutions world-wide, in effective knowledge and information management.

IMARK consists of a suite of free e-learning courses available online, on CD-ROM and as a downloadable package. The e-learning courses are being developed using the latest pedagogical models and methodologies, and provide an interactive environment for self-paced learning.


Said about IMARK

"Thanks to IMARK We have developed a digital library and institutional repository for the University of Pinar del Río."
"I have recommended IMARK through my training programmes all over the country. They are very useful resources and relevant to those of us in the information management field. Thank you. "
"Thanks to IMARK I was able to apply the skills at my workplace"
"IMARK courses have boosted my skills to organizing project information and communicating effectively to relevant people on-time, sharing success story with others, through emails, posting, websites "
"The IMARK learning experience allowed me to improve the development of standard procedures to manage our huge daily flow of information. "
"Using the IMARK resources I have conducted some workshops within my working group in order to enhance the skills and knowledge of my team to manage, share and make digital repositories with our huge quantity of information and deliverables. "
"The lessons helped me to acquire the basic and critical knowledge in digital library organization and digitization. Thanks to IMARK we are now able to deploy a digital library. "
"Based on the insight gained from the IMARK materials, I embarked on a full time MSc in the UK on Information and Libraries Studies and was able to keep working while studying. "

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